California Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does Caltrans have cameras on the freeways?
    Closed-Circuit Television Cameras are being installed on many freeways in urban areas. The pictures are transmitted to our Regional Transportation Management Centers across the state, where the images are used to verify reported incidents and to dispatch the appropriate response. We are making some of these pictures available on this web page so commuters can make informed decisions as to when to take a trip on the freeway.

  2. Why canít I view live video on my PC?
    The video is designed to best run on the browser Internet Explorer 9 or later*. The Flash video also requires Adobe Flash Player. We recommend the latest version.

  3. Why canít I view live video on my Android device?
    Adobe Flash player is required and is no longer available from the Google Play app store. If Flash is not loaded on your device, find out how to install Flash manually. Unfortunately, Windows Media Video is not supported on the Android.

  4. Do the cameras work on my Mac and iPhone?
    Yes, all the Apple products come loaded with QuickTime and should have no problem viewing the Flash video. QuickTime requires a plug-in to view the Windows Media Video.

  5. Are the cameras used to issue traffic tickets?
    No, they are strictly used for traffic management purposes only, not for law enforcement.

  6. Does Caltrans record the camera video?
    No, the camera video is not recorded and the images are not saved.

*Other browsers may work fine, but have not been tested.