Caltrans Photolog Instructions

Click the "ZoomIn" button above the map and select a small rectangle or square in the map for the fastest zoom into a specific area. Then click "Show Photolog Points", "Show Highways" and the "Photolog" button above the map to enable the Photolog points. Select a Photolog Point indicated by a pink dot, select a direction and a Quicktime movie will begin to play.

Java Applet Features:

Show Photolog Points: Displays available Photolog points.

Show Highway: This option draws the State highways.

Show Street Map: Displays a street map behind the photolog points and highways.

ZoomIn: Select a small rectangle to zoom in to that area.

UnZoom: Zoom out until the entire state is visible.

ZoomOut: Reverse a zoom action.

Pan: Click and drag to move the center of the map.

Identify: Not functional at this time.

Select: Not functional at this time.

Clear: Undo your selections.

Photo Log: Switch to Photolog mode so that clicking a pink Photolog point will launch a video.

Menu items (File, Edit, Command, Layer): Not used in this application.